James Dodkins - Fixing effects is a lot like shuffling the chairs on the deck of the Titanic

Lots of work gets done and things look different but the original problem still remains.

Fixing effects increases the complexity of our work and the technology we us to support it. It’s a vicious cycle many of us are stuck in. The more we do the worse it gets. Soon analysis paralysis sets in. We’re stuck and there’s no place for us to go.

Meanwhile successful companies around the world are now eliminating causes rather than fixing effects. But how do they spot causes and eliminate them? Is a host of Master Black Belt Cause Eliminators needed to get the job done?

Of course not. Moments of Truth, Break Points and Business Rules are the causes of work. Once we start looking for them we spot them. Elimination comes from challenging what we currently do - looking for Actions that eliminate Moments of Truth, Break Points and Business Rules.

How big is the size of the prize? Efficiency and productivity gains of 30% to 60% are common. Cost reduction of services by 50% is not unusual.

Cause elimination is a seek and destroy mission. It’s the challenge to weed out the “dumb stuff” in our organizations. Are you ready to challenge your assumptions and start eliminating those causes of work?

Kindest Regards

James Dodkins
Chief Customer Officer
BP Group

Steve Towers - books

I have written eight books and contributed to many more. You can access them from these links - will be added to as publication dates are confirmed.

2014 Q3 – Customer Experience Matters. Transcending NPS.

2014 Q2– Beyond Six Sigma, the next wave
(with  Dr. Morgan Jones)

2013 – The High Performance Organization
(with Dr. Samir Asaf)

2010 – Outside In. The secret of the 21st centuries leading companies

Steve Towers & John Corr
(BP Group President) outside
of UK's Prime Ministers residence
(Number 10 Downing St. London)
2006 - Customer Expectation Management: Success Without Exception

2005 - Thrive!: How to Succeed in the Age of the Customer

2005 - In Search of BPM Excellence (with Peter Fingar)

1993 - An Executives Guide to BPR


Steve Towers and what's new with Process, Performance and Customer Experience

Hi Steve Towers here, founder of the BP Group with this months update on all things process, performance and customer experience.

1.    New resources:
a.    Customer Experience Mapping with ABACUS – http://www.cxrating.com/cx_mapping_abacus.html
b.    CXRating CLOSED area – Slide show featuring the science of Customer Experience – apply here – http://www.cxrating.com

2.    Discussions of note – http://www.linkedin.com/groups/BP-Group-1062077

3.    Events Upcoming (limited places with discounts)
a.    San Francisco, California - BPM Summit: http://www.bpmsummitusa.com/
b.    Orlando, Florida - Annual PEX Conference: http://www.pexweek.com/
c.    Davos, Switzerland - World Economic Forum: http://bit.ly/WorldEcoSummit/

4.    Blogs – several useful resources per week http://www.successfulcustomeroutcomes.net

5.    Blogs – http;//www.bpcommunity.blogspot.com (new videos)

6.    New classes for 2014 – released next week.. Meanwhile Final classes for 2013: http://bit.ly/BPGroupCPP

Look forward to meeting in San Francisco, Orlando or Switzerland soon ☺
All the Very Best

Please feel free to connect:www.linkedin.com/in/stevetowers/