Steve Towers and what's new with Process, Performance and Customer Experience

Hi Steve Towers here, founder of the BP Group with this months update on all things process, performance and customer experience.

1.    New resources:
a.    Customer Experience Mapping with ABACUS –
b.    CXRating CLOSED area – Slide show featuring the science of Customer Experience – apply here –

2.    Discussions of note –

3.    Events Upcoming (limited places with discounts)
a.    San Francisco, California - BPM Summit:
b.    Orlando, Florida - Annual PEX Conference:
c.    Davos, Switzerland - World Economic Forum:

4.    Blogs – several useful resources per week

5.    Blogs – http;// (new videos)

6.    New classes for 2014 – released next week.. Meanwhile Final classes for 2013:

Look forward to meeting in San Francisco, Orlando or Switzerland soon ☺
All the Very Best

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