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Screw It - Let's Do It

There are those people who believe that for anything to be successful it must be difficult and complex. I was reminded of this when reading some recent reviews of Richard Bransons excellent short read - Screw it - Let's Do it book (buy here) when apparently well educated and experienced people dissed the book because it was' too simple' and childish. Wake up and smell the coffee! We have collectively through the industrial and Information Age surrounded ourselves with rules (the vast majority now out dated) and red tape born of a time when customers didn't have choice and the work world was dominated by hierachy and control.

Bransons writing is a breath of fresh air as he shares with us the trials of tribulations of creating one of the 21st century's major success stories with over 200 global companies heading-up their respective business sectors. For those dyed in the wool inside out thinkers the message of simplicity and customer focus is akin to the medieval flat landers hearing that their world was round collectively buring their heads in the sand hoping the truth just might go away.

Unfortunately some people just don't get the New World. I am reminded of the story Roger Burlton once told me back in 1994 that it's going to take 25 years for this stuff to take off. When I asked why as surely the logic was irrefutable he simply replied "it's going to take that long for some of these (flat land) Directors to die!"

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2008 Annual Survey - Results Now In

The 16th Annual BP Group survey has just completed. Preliminary results were presented in conjunction with IQPC at the BPE in Financial Services conference in London last week. Full results will be shared with all 1240 participants later this month prior to a webinar hosted by City Process Management (this years platinum sponsors).

If you would like a copy of the preliminary results let me know.

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We have 16 years worth of 'stuff' including newsletters, articles and commentary. With over 25,000 participants you're sure to find something of interest. This Blog (hosted courtesy of Google) and sponsored by City Process Management will feature the best of Process and Performance change. Who are the players? Who provides products and services? What is in it for me?! So let's start with a blank sheet of paper...

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