Steve Towers - books

I have written eight books and contributed to many more. You can access them from these links - will be added to as publication dates are confirmed.

2014 Q3 – Customer Experience Matters. Transcending NPS.

2014 Q2– Beyond Six Sigma, the next wave
(with  Dr. Morgan Jones)

2013 – The High Performance Organization
(with Dr. Samir Asaf)

2010 – Outside In. The secret of the 21st centuries leading companies

Steve Towers & John Corr
(BP Group President) outside
of UK's Prime Ministers residence
(Number 10 Downing St. London)
2006 - Customer Expectation Management: Success Without Exception

2005 - Thrive!: How to Succeed in the Age of the Customer

2005 - In Search of BPM Excellence (with Peter Fingar)

1993 - An Executives Guide to BPR

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