BPGroup Mid July Update

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This week it is that 1-2-3-4

1. Latest presentation: The State of the Industry keynote:
Delivered at the IQPC Sydney event in June

2. This months Poll: Who makes the decisions on Process Improvement in your company
(Initial Results available at the poll)

3. Upcoming RECOMMENDED Conferences

Enterprise Architecture & BPM World: BANGALORE
Meet John Zachman!

BPM Leaders (Invite Only): AMSTERDAM
Europes top BPM Leaders come together to witness and share

4. Latest Popular Discussions:

How far down do you go when mapping the as-is process?
1, 2 or 10 levels... Jennifer van Wyk

Great illustraton of Outside-In thinking and practice.
Jeff Bezos (Amazon) provides his viewpoint..

Nominate the company that delivers the best Successful Customer Outcomes - and win an iPad2

Do remember you can attend CPP12 refreshers at any of the upcoming business process professional
programme at www.bp2010.com (now on ALL continents).
If you wish to progress to CPP Master (CPP Level 345) there's also a special discount knocking 100% off all CPP12 sessions
Contact our Sales Team on +44 2081 333 509, or email them on


Fourteen in 3 months:
Upcoming Certified Process Professional & CPP Masters programme (www.bp2010.com)

Brisbane, Australia - Coach, David Mottershead     July 25-29
Perth, Australia - Coach, David Mottershead     Aug 8-12

*** INDIA ***
Delhi - Coach, Steve Towers            July 18-19
Mumbai - Coach, Steve Towers        Jul 21-22
Bangalore - Coach, Steve Towers        Jul 25-26

Denver - Coach, Steve Towers            Aug 22-26
San Francisco - Coach, Charles Bennett    Aug 22-26
Boston - Coach, Charles Bennett            Aug 29-Sep 2

*** EUROPE ***
Stockholm, Sweden - Coach, Martina Beck-Friis    Sep 5-9
Helsinki, Finland - Coach, Janne Ohtonen    Sep 8-9   
Tallinn, - Coach, Janne Ohtonen            Sep 12-13

London, UK - Coach, Charles Bennett        Sep 19-23

Certified Process Professional: http://linkd.in/CertifiedProcessProfessional
Certified Process Professional Master: http://linkd.in/jrrbnm

BP Group Annual Quick Poll

BPM Leaders Meeting, Europe

Sentior Process Management professionals are encouraged to review this major watershed event in Europe in a few weeks time. A terrific opportunity to review the trends, learn from each other in a senior networking environment and ultimately utilise the learning back in our organisations. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. BPM Leaders Meeting
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