Complexity is the result of lack of alignment to customer success (Part 1 of 4)

This one running over at Successful Outcomes :-)

There is no excuse for complexity. It is a consequence of muddled thinking and a lack of understanding of the true goal of the organisation, which is creating Successful Customer Outcomes.

Complexity has developed as organisations have added new routes to market, new ways of delivering service, new enterprise IT systems and a myriad of improvement approaches. Each internal functional specialism has developed a mindset to optimise their part of the organisation.... for the full article go

Part Two Next Week

Experts in BPM create specialist area on BP Group

  • Outside-In Process

    Progressive companies are now shifting their focus to doing The Right Things .That is everything becomes progressively aligned to achieving Customer success.

    Manager: Dick Lee
  • Advanced Process Management

    Process Management is a very broad topic and as such there are people new to the theme, practitioners and the very experienced.

    Manager: John Corr
  • Business Process Professional

    A home for all those qualified in the Process Management.

    Manager: Steve Towers
  • Research & Study

    If you are engaged in BPM research or studies, perhaps in a post graduate role or such, and wish to get involved you will find a welcoming coffee shop here.

    Manager: Janne Ohtonen