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> Apple - another record busting quarter
> Have your Enterprise BPM, BPM, Lean and/or Six Sigma projects delivered their expected outcomes?
> Process Governance - the CEMMethod ORCA framework
> Is it ever correct to ignore a customer, even if he/she is rude and irate?
> Management Guru's - a quick guide with audio and scripts
> Are we as Customer Centric as we think?
> VIDEO interview - Outside-In
> Whitepaper: Executives Guide - Creating Happy Customers
BPGroup (est 1992. 50,000+ members - 6,500+ on LinkedIn est. Oct 2008.)
Reflecting the growth and interest in all things process

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** VIDEO **
Janne Ohtonen (Affecto University, Finland) interviews Steve Towers


Have your Enterprise BPM, BPM, Lean and/or Six Sigma projects delivered their expected outcomes?
David Mottershead | http://linkd.in/LeanSixSigmaBPM

Process Governance - the CEMMethod ORCA framework
BP Group | http://bit.ly/BPG_ORCA_2011

Is it ever correct to ignore a customer, even if he/she is rude and irate?
Jennifer van Wyk | http://linkd.in/IgnoreCustomers

Management Guru's - a quick guide with audio and scripts
BP Group | http://linkd.in/ManagementGurus

Operational KPIs or Strategic KPIs? Which should be adopted to achieve An Organization's Objectives?
Saif Gharaybeh | http://linkd.in/Operational_KPIs

Are we as Customer Centric as we think?
Martina Beck-Friis | http://linkd.in/CustomerCentric

** Whitepaper **
Executives Guide - Creating Happy Customers. | David Mottershead
- http://linkd.in/OI_Customers

** 2011 GLOBAL Certification & Training programme**
- http://www.bp2010.com

Cheers, Steve Towers, BP Group Founder

BIG thanks to the BP Group Advisors, Managers & Sundowner Directors including:
John Corr  | Sunil Dutt Jha | Charles Bennett | David Mottershead | Martina Beck-Friss |
Erika Westbay | Janne Ohtonen | Nick Harvard | Stephane Haelterman | Paul Bailey |
Mark Barnett | Steve Melville | Stephen Nicholson | Marjolein Towler |  Jennifer van Wyk (South Africa)  |
See them at http://www.oibpm.com |

Process Governance - the ORCA framework

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Oslo May 2011

Copenhagen May 2011
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Oslo May 2011

Copenhagen May 2011

We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen or Oslo!

Jane Thomas,

Operations and Marketing,


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If you register for the Class we will send you details of how to access your FREE process evaluation. Confidential and discrete Steve will personally review your situation and provide written guidance and suggesstions to optimise your process projects and programmes.

Join the BP Group on LinkedIn and receive the complimentary monthly newsletter and gain access to online information featuring Outside-In, Enterprise BPM and everything process. We have special interest groups exploring many strands of process and enterprise change, performance management best practices, upcoming conferences and training events worldwide, and commentary from BP Group’s thought leaders.
Thank you once again for a splendid workshop. I can assure you, your teachings will
personally help me add more value to my organization.

Shahid Osmani DBA (Business & IT), CPP®

Quality Expert – Strategy & Corporate Excellence Dept. Dubai Customs 
The event was a stupendous success, you were just brilliant,

with excellent valuable insights on customer experience transformation through process innovation!

Vijayalakshmi P.S, Global Practice Head,

BPM Consulting & Solutions, Wipro
The detail was very relevant and extremely well presented.

Paul Botes,
Standard Bank
Oslo May 2011

Copenhagen May 2011
Sweden CPP Masterclass
Martina recently coached the Sweden CPP Masters and heads the BP Group's coaching team in Scandinavia.
CEMMethod featured in the CPP programme


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Programme and receive Steve Towers new book “Outside-In The Secrets of the 21st century leading companies”

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CPP Copenhagen May 2011
CPP Oslo May 2011

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