The OneGoogle Policy - the Silo destroyer

Google is the epitome of an Outside-In company. Successively reducing costs, improving services and delivering consistent and growing returns for its investors. To some it seems as if there is magic underway as they struggle with changing markets, volatile customers and economic chaos.

What is the secret? At it heart lies a simple formula. Align with Successful Customer Outcomes and you drive out unnecessary complexity, reducing costs and speeding service. We see this in Googles products and services everyday and on occasions our attention is drawn to a particular initiative. This very thing happened a few days ago with Googles new privacy policy launch.

Here is the email many of us received:

Simple and elegant. A prime example of complexity removal and aligned thinking to the benefit of the customer and the organisation.

Not so magic after all once you know the trick!

Thanks to Mark Barnett for bringing this one home - you can reach him via mark.Barnett At

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