PEX conference rocks the USA - video, case studies and winners

The PEX USA event provides the community with an opportunity to share and learn from each other. 2014 really moved the agenda forward with many case studies featuring the migration of process thinking towards successful customer outcomes.
For an overview of the key themes reference the article by Diana Davies.

In addition to great sessions and workshops the Annual Awards program provided an opportunity for global organizations to show their approaches and share the success stories.

 Central to the Awards process is the judging panel who review throughout the previous 12 months tremendous entries. The video is an overview of 2014 proceedings.

You can review the entries, winners and runner-ups here. It is worth noting that across the eight categories the 15 winners were represented by six entries featuring BP Group Certified Process Professional Masters. Just shows how far we have traveled on the journey from industrial age thinking towards 'the Customer Experience is the Process'. More to come I am sure :)

In the next article on we will feature two of the winners - Singtel and The Nature Conservancy.

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