Certified Process Professionals (BP Group CPP's) history - (Registration database available to all CPP's)

BP Group Certified Process ProfessionalThe original Professional qualifications were introduced in Straford on Avon in the UK in 1994. Evolving from Business Analysis and separate Senior Executive sessions several financial organizations received customized prototype sessions evolving into the introduction in 2003 in the USA of the Certified Process Professional Level 1 - Optimization, and CPP Level 2- Alignment.
In 2006 An additional CPP Level 3 was introduced - Innovation.

Since inception in 1992 the BPGroup has delivered Open and Inhouse programs. Inhouse enables an organization to train trainers to deliver under license the CPP program. This table is the growth of Open qualified people. As of June 2013 we estimate the complimentary number of Inhouse qualified (based on license use) exceeds 100,000 Certified Process Professionals.

CPP MasterThe Certified Process Professional Master was introduced in 2007 to support CPP Levels 4 - Performance Management and Level 5 - Integration and IT.

Developed exclusively in progressive organizations the tools and techniques have been tried and tested before their incorporation into the CEMMethod.
Now deployed in 116 countries and internalized the CPP Master qualification is the industry strength recognition of the professional standing of CPP Masters.

BPGroup CPP Growth

Certified Process Professional Advanced Masters

Further evolution of the Certified Process Professional program was introduced in 2009 as CPP Levels 6 - Strategy, and CPP Level 7 - Leadership.

Based on next practice approaches in organizations such as Google, Zara, Apple, Zappos, Emirates, Ryan Air, Southwest Airlines, Gilead Sciences and many more.

Certified Process Professional Champion
In 2011 several of the organizations completing internal programs established in the last decade concluded the need for a specific session, CPP Level 8 - Execution.
Bringing the latest thinking and practice in developing and rolling out enterprise programs, especially in the context of the 21st century - digitization, customer centricity, market volatility etc. Case studies are reviewed, especially in the context of establishing Centers of Excellence.

You can review more information at www.certifiedprocessprofessional.com, www.bpgroup.org, www.successfulcustomeroutcomes.net 

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