BPGroup New Update - January 2011

BPGroup (est 1992. 45,000+ members | LinkedIn est. Oct 2008.)
Reflecting the growth and interest in all things process

The BP Group are Sponsors of the Business Process Professional® pathway - http://www.businessprocessprofessional.com

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** News & Events**
BP Group 18th Annual CONFERENCE NEXT WEEK | Orlando Jan 17-21, 2010
- http://bit.ly/BPGroupUR18

The CEMMethod® WEBINAR with Martina Beck-Friis (CPP Master®) Part Three
(Missed the first two? sign-up and access those also!)
- http://bit.ly/CEMMOverview

The BPGroup is now an Open forum on LinkedIn :-)
The specialist subgroups however remain Closed and you can review those by clicking 'More'
on the top tab and selecting'subgroups'. Incisive commentary and discussions designed for you.

Enterprise Architecture CONNECTIONS subgroup exceeds 450 members in six months
Meet and share with the Group Manager, Steve Melville (Oracle IT Director) in Orlando!
- http://linkd.in/EAandProcess

Review the 'Managers faves' at http://linkd.in/hCggGs

** New Articles **
The Secret of the 21st leading companies

** 2011 Certification & Training programme**
- http://www.bp2010.com

Cheers, Steve Towers, BP Group Founder

BIG thanks to the BP Group Advisors, Managers & Sundowner Directors including:
John Corr | Sunil Dutt Jha | Charles Bennett | David Mottershead | Erika Westbay | Janne Ohtonen | Nick Harvard | Stephane Haelterman | Paul Bailey | Martina Beck-Friss | Mark Barnett | Steve Melville | Stephen Nicholson | Marjolein Towler | Jennifer van Wyk (South Africa) | See them at http:://www.oibpm.com |

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