BPM Certification - how to get the best available

Questions to ask people offering BPM Certification training:

1. Where have you done this?

2. What credentials can you claim in the community?

3. Who trained you originally in BPM and Outside In?

4. When did you start and who have you helped?

5. What references can you provide (at a CEO level) for the successes you have achieved?

6. Are any of your people published, and if so what and when?

7. What is the size of your network?

8. Are your trainings and courses accredited, and if so by whom?

9. Are you helping to develop the community? If so how?

10. Are the coaches trainers or actual doers (they are working actively the majority of the time across all levels (C Level to the front line) with people transforming their organizations?)

PS. Tell your colleagues they owe themselves the best to go with the most experienced, up to date, pragmatic, relevant and immediate training from the BP Group http://www.bpgroup.org

Review the coaches and their in depth practical hands on wisdom:

Download the BPM Certification app:
Apple version: http://bit.ly/12EFNCC
Android version: http://bit.ly/X0X4iw

Review the credentials: www.certifiedprocessprofessional.com


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