The Certified Process Professional(tm)

There's lots of information on the Certified Process Professional(tm), here are some sources:

and details of the content, venues and dates at

The organisations supporting the CPP on a global basis can be reviewed at

Since 2006 we have certified more than 10,000 people in the Open programme to CPP Level 3, and you can see a listing of some of the recent Certified Process Professional Masters (CP Masters) also at

We anticipate this figure doubling by 2012.

Typically the programme is internalised and at the last count more than 50,000 people have gained certification through the internal coaching and associate network.

The BP Group as a not for profit, established in 1992, is celebrating with its 18th Annual Conference in Florida this coming January. At that event we anticipate several hundred Certified Process Professionals(tm) from our global BP Group membership of approx 40,000.

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