Are you focused on the right performance improvements?

Outside-In companies have a tenacious focus on all things that improve the customer experience. This attention to the customer improves the bottom line and creates further opportunities for growth as customers lives become easier, simpler and more successful.

Why then is it so difficult for some companies to adopt such an approach?
The answer is simple and easy to understand and best demonstrated by none other than Steve Jobs, CEO at Apple. So the story goes that on reviewing a new MAC Jobs noticed the start-up time was actually slower than a previous model. He pointed out to engineers that with projected sales of a million new machines a million people would be experiencing the slower boot up every day.

Every second added to the bloated process would cost society more than 4,000 man days per year. This potential impact went unnoticed by the engineers whose attention to internal system performance improvements was previously a  key measure of their success. In moving the measurement to the customer experience the engineers embraced a broader Outside-In process and in doing so created additional value for the customer.

How do you measure your success – inside-out or Outside-In?     

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