BP Group Weekly news includes Outside-In webinar.. (more)

> NEW < Outside-In monthly magazine at: http://bit.ly/cmW3Mv

+ Webinar +
Successful Customer Outcomes webinar, Thursday - join here - https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/909507898

++ New Professional forums ++
CPP Masters - http://bit.ly/aLWwz3
CPP Professional - http://bit.ly/9vjncf
CPP Practitioners - http://bit.ly/d7ytxJ

+++ Certification Update +++
Eleven new classes - USA, Europe, South Africa, Australia, Japan & Korea - Review and book at http://www.bp2010.com -
* The original and most advanced programme in the world *
* By professionals for Professionals *

++++ Hot topics ++++
DICK LEE - Why do only 2% of companies understand that migrating from inside-out (company-centric) to Outside-In (customer-centric) requires major process change, which triggers major organizational change? http://bit.ly/bSRkPA

ASSAD MIRZA - Why does Lean/Six Sigma fail?

+++++ New CPP Masters +++++ CONGRATULATIONS!
These folks have now achieved CPP Level 5 and accordingly are now Certified Process Professional Masters (CPP - Master):
David Motterhead, Kenneth Mortimer, Marjolein Towler, Charles Bennett, Martina Beck-Friis, Maria Mollersten, Stephen Nicholson, Craig Reid, Janne Ohtonen, Erika Westbay, Paul Bailey, Rosalind Slaughter, Jayanthi Venkatachalam, Stephen Ferguson, Sandra Vincent-Guy, David Johnson, Neville Inglis, Adam Keens, Gerard Gillespie, Benoit Dubouloz, Caroline Holyhead, Sofie Smolders, Steve Graham, Simon Love, Helen Littlechild, Pete Marshall, James Holloway, Mark Anderson, Karen Rawlins, Mike Vernon, James Bath, Nikki Hastings, Sharon Lynch 

Next week - new articles, software reviews and the 2010 Annual Survey (our 18th annual survey)

Ciao, Steve (hopefully 'see you' Thursday!)

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