Outside-In podcast from Craig Reid aka Process Ninja

Craig Reid (CPP Master) has just co-produced with Telstra (Australia) a quick podcast that you can access from this link: http://bit.ly/cCHbdR

Here is a short extract of a key moment in the discussion...

Hugh Liney: You use the phrase; turn your business OUTSIDE-IN - explain that reverse perspective to us?

Craig Reid: Okay I would say then it’s a phrase used to describe a different perspective on optimising processes it's used by some of the world top companies such as Google, Apple and Virgin it's known by a lot of different names, but essentially what its about is putting the customer at the centre of everything the company does and aligning those business processes into achieving successful customer outcomes.

Since the start of the industrial revolution we've been brainwashed into thinking of process like this conveyer belt or this production line and a lot of the traditional process improvement tools such as six sigma or lean have been developed from those manufacturing environments and whilst these tools can still add value, they don’t necessarily optimise processes in alignment with the customer the way that outside in can.

Hear the rest and get the full transcript from http://bit.ly/cCHbdR

You can access more Outside-In resources from www.oibpm.com  

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