Your Three Favorite Business Books

You may well have already spotted the current 'what are you top three business books quesiton' at LinkedIn which has been running a few days.
Here are the interim scores on the doors:
OK, after 40 votes and 5 days we have 25% of the votes going to:

> Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell - 3 votes
> Good to Great - Jim Collins - 3 votes
> Who Says Elephants Can't Dance - Lou Gerstner - 2 votes
> The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey - 2 votes

Honorable mentions to authors with more than one mention:
Peter Drucker and Gary Hamel

I have extended the submissions by  a week, and you can see all the submissions to date at Join the survey here

Thanks to contributors so far:
Dick Lee, Frank Leather, John Wurl, Juan Soto Irigoyen, Keith Hoyle, Kenneth Mortimer, Michel Theriault, Nic Harvard, Shani Shoham, Shimon Aizen Hasegawa, Sudip Masoji, Suresh Venkata

Next week we will run the scores after two weeks and it will be a great pleasure to award the winning contributor(s) with a special BP Group prize :-)

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