Top Eight Twitter Information Analysis tools

Use these tools to better understand and optimise your tweeting

  1. Twitter Analyzer: Easy to use and understand interface, very cool stats.
  2. Tweetwasters: Find out how much time you and other users waste on Twitter.
  3. Twitalyzer: Rate your Tweeting influence and see areas to improve.
  4. Twitterholic: Check out top Twitter users and find out your stats on Twitterholic.
  5. TweetStats: TweetStats offers a graphical analysis of your Twitter stats.
  6. Twitter Friends: Measuring your Twitter conversations using Twitter Friends.
  7. Twinfluence: Shows detail of influence based on reach, velocity, and social capital.
  8. Tweet-Rank: Discover which of your tweets earned new or lost followers.
Next we'll feature a bunch of tools that improve our personal productivity ;-)

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  1. Hi Steve Got your top 8 thanks. A question for you - how much time do you devote to Twitter and are you doing the work yourself or are you supported by a PA or support team ? rgds Ray