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A jump point for Business Process resources from the BP Community


http://successfuloutcomes.blogspot.com – Articles on the theme of Outside-In
http://bpcommunity.blogspot.com – BPM, Classic and 4th Wave

Slideshare location http://bit.ly/yqHmN – Access several case studies and Research

Latest Newsletter
Weekly – Latest issue http://bit.ly/18noDt – Links to the latest in the BP community
Monthly – May 2009 http://bit.ly/UNfyX – Featured article, videos, webinars and conference news

Business Process Professional training (now in its 14th year)

2009 Webinar Series

Group Management
Contact for anything!

Steve Towers – http://bit.ly/1anU6Q and email: steve.towers@bpgroup.org (Colorado)
John Corr – http://bit.ly/IWatW Director at AlixPartners (London)
David Mottershead – http://bit.ly/jKf3N VP Business Development at Creative Digital Technology (Australia)
Erika Westbay - Program Director, BPM at The Nature Conservancy (Washington DC)
Stephane Haelterman – http://bit.ly/bqmli Senior SAP Business Workflow Expert (Belgium)

Post a new one http://bit.ly/112xQE and Read the Latest

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