BPM Solutions - these are the players

On a periodic basis we print an update of the current notable players in the BPM space.
If you wish to add anyone let us know who and why. Within reason all submissions will be included to develop the resource for general reference.

Here is the list as at 21 May 2009:

From Basic BPM to Strategic Leadership (7 levels) - www.bp2009.com

The (not for profit) home of Business Process - www.bpgroup.org

Dates and Program for Certification - www.businessprocessprofessional.com

Articles, blogs and Case-studies - www.successfuloutcomes.blogspot.com

BPM Solution Providers

Adeptia www.adeptia.com/
Appian www.appian.com/
Ascentn www.ascentn.com/
Casewise www.casewise.com/
CuteFlow www.cuteflow.org/
HandySoft www.handysoft.com/
HighOrbitBPM www.workflow-automation.com/
IBM www.ibm.com/
Intalio www.intalio.com/
Laserfiche www.Laserfiche.com/
Lombardi www.lombardisoftware.com/
Metastorm www.metastorm.com/
Oracle www.oracle.com/
Pallas Athena www.pallas-athena.com/
Pegasystems www.pega.com/
ProcessMaker www.processmaker.com/
SAP www.SAP.com/
Savvion www.savvion.com/
SoftwareAG www.softwareag.com
Ultimus www.ultimus.com/
Vitria www.vitria.com/


  1. Hi Steve,
    Looks like you missed Skelta BPM.

    Skelta provides BPM solutions which integrate between system to system, system to human and Human Workflow Solutions for Business Users, Power Users, and Developers for providing BPM functionalities inside existing applications, making it an excellent candidate for OEMing applications that require BPM functionality. Skelta BPM™ particularly integrates well with products based on Microsoft Technologies. Skelta is also utilized as a Business Application Platform to build horizontal solutions like such as Accounts Payable Solution, Document Management for Paperless Processes, Corporate Governance, and Human Resource Information System for various industries ranging from Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Retail, Government, Healthcare, Finance and many more.
    URL: http://www.skelta.com
    Product URL: http://skelta.com/products/bpm/overview.aspx

    Let me know if you need any information.

  2. Hi Sanjay - updated over at http://www.linkedin.com/groupRegistration?gid=1062077

    Point us to some 2009 customers perhaps?

    Rgds & Thanks, Steve

  3. Fujitsu is the third largest global IT services provider in the world offers Interstage BPM. We have been int he process space for more than 18 years. more info at:


  4. Hi Steve,

    All my favorites are there with the exception of TIBCO.

    Oversite or is there a reason?