Outside-In - what is it then?

Outside-In, Enterprise BPM, or Customer Expectation Management, often simply, “Outside-In," is a customer centric approach that requires  the alignment of all work towards the delivery of Successful Customer Outcomes (SCO).

It is a paradigm shift away from production line approaches, such as Lean or Six Sigma, which see the world through the lens of everything being a production value chain. Outside-In is centred on the fundamental principle that everything the organisation does  should contribute to the SCO, otherwise it is potentially ‘dumb stuff’, and open to elimination.  As such Outside-In places the customer at the centre of the map, sometimes referred to as the ‘Copernican shift’, moving beyond modelling processes as metaphors for production lines.

Outside-In is a business philosophy evolved from previous process based approaches including BPM, Lean and Six Sigma. Outside-In rejects the notion that the all activity should be perceived as a production line, flowing left to right, with customers frequently ‘off the map’  Outside-In provides the practical means to realign the organisation to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  Derived mostly from the best practice work of the Leading companies of the 21st century  (Towers, 2010)  Outside-In includes  methods such as CEMMethod , see Customer Expectation Management (Towers, Schurter, 2007) and concepts such as Enterprise Process Maturity, see In Search of BPM Excellence (Fingar, Towers, 2005).

Global best practice companies  include Amazon, see Working Backwards (Jeff Bezos), Apple, Best Buy, Southwest Airlines, McDonalds, Emirates and Virgin Group.
Academic work and books published on the theme of Outside-In includes such Professor Ranjay Gulatti and Harvard Business School, and Outside-In Strategy with Professor George Day Wharton Business School.
Recent Books include Outside-In the secret of the 21st centuries leading companies (Towers) and The Outside-In Corporation (Dr. Bund)

The global community www.bpgroup.org supports and develops through its partner network the education and application of Outside-In with a specific global qualification the Certified Process Professional (CPP®) and Certified Process Professional Master (CPP-Master®) that establishes the  principles and practice within organisations of every kind. 

As of July 2011 there are more than 15,000+ CPP’s and  3,000+ CPP Masters  in 92 countries across 800+ organisations.

Additional Useful Resources:
Training, Coaching and qualification- www.bpmbox.com
Partners, resources and access to the CPP Register - www.oibpm.com
Blog -www.successfulcustomeroutcomes.net
LinkedIn BPGroup community -The BP Group

What is the real difference then?

Outside-In is a philosophy, rather than a method in its own right (see this video http://www.successfulcustomeroutcomes.net/2011/04/outside-in-and-its-potential-with-steve.html ).

The BP Group helps organisations adopt Outside-In via the CEMMethod®, a structured approach developed over the last decade (see http://www.cemmethod.com  for details).

The evolution to Outside-In is discussed in the ‘The Secret’ (see http://amzn.to/Outside-In) book with a snapshot of the evolution at http://www.successfulcustomeroutcomes.net/2009/02/evolution-of-business-process.html

The Certified Process Professional® (CPP) and CPP Master® qualifications are delivered globally in more than 90+ countries with 800+ organisations since 2006. In the last five years more than 15,000 people have qualified as CPP's through the Open programme. (See http://bpmbox.com  and http://www.certifiedprocessprofessional.com ).
The BP Group (www.bpgroup.org) supports the programme through more than 20 global partners (see http://www.oibpm.com )
A new resource following a keynote in Australia can be accessed via Slideshare http://bit.ly/BPM_StateoftheIndustry

What can I gain from gaining Certification?
Immediately looking outside of the box and helping to align the organisation to Successful Customer Outcomes. The CPP programme incorporates 24 Outside-In related techniques (within the CEMMethod®) to supplement existing knowledge and experience:-)

See the Testimonials http://www.bpmbox.com/#testimonials  for some of the recent feedback.




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