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Where is the Customer in your BPM Initiative

The application of Business Process Management (BPM) is known to have multiple benefits that produce a hard return on investment (ROI). Automation, quality, compliance, management, and optimization of activities represented by business processes are the areas most often cited in this regard. Yet the focus of BPM started – and remains – as an “inside-out” perspective, placing hard limits on the benefits BPM can achieve.

Customer experience success in Australia

Synergy win the best Customer Experience Award at tonights PEX Australia event.

It was a great pleasure to acknowledge the achievement of Synergy and the wonderful work they are doing in Western Australia in and around the customer experience. Winning the triple crown they are improving service, lowering costs and ultimately securing future revenues through their innovative Customer Focus Programme.

More soon....

Certified Process Professional - Five days in Five minutes

Professional Process people may already have reviewed the information at or or even reviewed the testimonials at however it is nice to see the thing in action.

Here are one minute snapshots of each level:

CPP Level 1

CPP Level 2

CPP Level 3

CPP Level 4

CPP Level 5

If the program interests you then come along to review the next sessions at

The Process Miracle:

FREE online course will help you to reframe process and the customer experience forever. Distributed through a series of weekly lessons you will learn how to look at process in a radical new way. There is a cap on delegates so do register to start the next program shortly! (provided by a BP Group Accredited Partner)

SCOR Video - PEX Interview - New Materials - Upcoming Events

 Hi Guys - hope ur well :)

This week sees
- James Dodkins in a 12 minute video demonstrating the Successful Customer Outcome Revolution –

- Yours truly (Steve Towers) in the PEX Asia keynote (presentation) -

- Links to updated materials (handouts/resources and more) -

- Updated Coaching programme -

Two BIG events for diaries in the next month:
Johannesburg Masters - 5 days with me and IQ Group: March 31-April 4

London Masters - 5 days spring time by the Thames - April 7-11

Enjoy and don’t forget let’s connect on twitter too ☺

Getting it together

Your car is German. Your vodka is Russian. Your pizza is Italian. Your kebab is Turkish and your democracy is Greek. Your coffee is Brazilian and your movies are American. Your tea is Tamil and your shirts are from India. Your oil is Saudi and your electronics are Chinese. Your news is British and your love is French. Your numbers are Arabic and your letters Latin. Your music is ethnic and your home is family. And yet you complain that your neighbor is an immigrant?

We are all in this together. So let’s smile, join hands and get on with it.

PEX conference rocks the USA - video, case studies and winners

The PEX USA event provides the community with an opportunity to share and learn from each other. 2014 really moved the agenda forward with many case studies featuring the migration of process thinking towards successful customer outcomes.
For an overview of the key themes reference the article by Diana Davies.

In addition to great sessions and workshops the Annual Awards program provided an opportunity for global organizations to show their approaches and share the success stories.

 Central to the Awards process is the judging panel who review throughout the previous 12 months tremendous entries. The video is an overview of 2014 proceedings.

You can review the entries, winners and runner-ups here. It is worth noting that across the eight categories the 15 winners were represented by six entries featuring BP Group Certified Process Professional Masters. Just shows how far we have traveled on the journey from industrial age thinking towards 'the Customer Experience is the Process'. More to come I am sure :)

In the next article on we will feature two of the winners - Singtel and The Nature Conservancy.