Buzz from Orlando: State of the Industry

Charles Bennett from the BPGroups 18th Annual Conference in Orlando in January 2011.

Do we want best practice or next practice? That was the question posed by Charles Bennett, SVP with the non profit BP Group, on the opening day of IQPC’s Profit through Process Summit.

“Most of our organizations, most of our economies, are under greater stress than ever before,” said Bennett in his opening State of the Industry address. “That’s not going to go’s only going to increase.”

How companies learn to deal with the pace of accelerated change will determine the winners and losers of tomorrow, he said. Just catching up with what everyone else is doing means that “we’re as good as the people acknowledged to be the top.

But will that be good enough?

There are three key areas, according to Bennett, that businesses need to take a careful look at in order to get ahead of the competition: corporate structures, the customer, and process improvement tools.

Corporate structures are too old, too complex

Bennett argues that misalignment in today’s corporate structures are negatively impacting the bottom, claiming “that around 95% of our organizations are probably sitting on about 25-50% redundant cost and untapped business opportunity.”

Many of today’s companies are complex and that makes them slow to respond and the rapid change that we have been seeing in recent years. “The biggest enemy of changing thinking is complexity”, Bennett said, reciting Edward de Bono.
Blast away those decaying structures with 

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