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Advancing Outside-In

The CEMMethod®  is a proven, tried and tested system to evolving
the organisation and its processes from 20th century ‘inside-out’ approaches such as Lean Six Sigma, BPR and TQM.

Join us for an overview of the approach, led by CPP Master® from Acando Consulting in Sweden, Martina Beck-Friis. We will be sharing the steps, stages and the twenty two techniques
that make the CEMMethod® the most effective approach
to business transformation in the 21st century.

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If you are not in the time-zone ALL registrants will be provided
access to the webinar post broadcast.

We look forward to seeing you there....

Kind Regards

Martina Beck-Friis, CPP Master® Acando, Sweden

Steve Towers – SVP & BP Group founder
Martina Beck-Friis
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