The Certified Process Professional(tm)

The Certified Process ProfessionalTM programme has in various forms existed since 1995 and is currently offered on a worldwide basis through several global companies, conference organisers and institutions.
In 2009-10 people have attended open, in-house and online classes in South America, US, Europe, China, South Africa, India, Australia and the Middle East. Developed from a bedrock of Business Process Reengineering and spanning the business analysis discipline it has evolved to cover both traditional ‘inside out’ BPM and latterly in its current form (since 2004) advanced BPM.

It is a highly pragmatic, hands-on programme leading to recognition as a Certified Process ProfessionalTM

Since 2006 more than 10,000 individuals have qualified as Certified Process Professionals and the programme has been delivered in 118 countries. In the last four years more than 800 companies across all key business sectors have engaged the BP Group to help with their training, coaching and mentoring.

The current Certified Process ProfessionalTM programme features seven levels, including
Certified Process PractitionerTM,
Certified Process ProfessionalTM (CPP),
Certified Process MasterTM (CPMaster) and
Certified Process Advanced MasterTM (CPAdvM)
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