BP Group weekly update

Today's BP Group LinkedIn membership count is 3,191
263 Ongoing Discussions

Our theme this week - who said this? (A FREE training place to the first correct response)
"You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need!"

So with that in mind

** New Presentations ** Erika Westbay (Nature Conservancy) & Paul Pennanen (Amerisure)
Lean Six Sigma & Balanced Scorecards

** Most Active discussion ** Mark Barnett (Bank of America)
Is Process Simulation of any Value?

** Other discussions **
John Corr - iPAd winner or loser?
Dick Lee  - Customer Experience
Marjolein Towler - Toyota - demise caused by Lean?
John Walker - Are there only consultants into BPM?
Steve Towers - Process is an Effect
Ian Clayton - Who started Outside-In?

** Podcast **
15 minute review of Outside-In interviewed by Gienna Weiss.

** 2010 Certification & Training programme**
(New cities - Helsinki, seoul and Japan!)

Steve Towers
BP Group Founder

*Your BP Group Board of Advisors*
Dick Lee - USA (North),
John Corr - UK,
Sunil Dutt Jha - India & SE Asia,
Steve Towers - USA (South)
Charles Bennett - Middle East & UK
Kenneth Mortimer - Oceania.

*Your BP Group Managers*
David Motterhead - Australia,
Erika Westbay - USA,
Janne Ohtonen - Finland
Nick Harvard - UK
Stephane Haelterman - Belgium

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