What is the best way to pitch BPM - David Mottershead?

Say you've identified an organisation that needs a little BPM, what is the message that gets people excited the most? Is it a crown, the triple crown, or something else? Is every organisation the same or does it depend on the type of organisation, the industry, the size of the organisation or who you speak to?

What is clear from the discussion is that there is a difference in the approach people take depending on who is being dealt with within the organisation and whether BPM is being use. Some like to start out small, with pilot projects to get quick gains whilst others approach the organisational implementation of BPM from a holistic viewpoint. Common to both approaches is the need for buy-in from an organisation’s top team.

A couple of themes are common throughout the discussion; “pitching” BPM from the outset is not the optimal approach to take, the identification of an organisations “pain points” appears to be a common first step and key drivers for the implementation of BPM are the need to reduce costs and improve service.

When all is said and done, there is still no agreement on what BPM is . . .

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